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Photo Feature: Himachal Heights

All photos by Sheila Kumar. All images are subject to copyright.

Blue skies, crowded hill towns…..




A glimpse of Solan between trees.



The Shimla Hills, shrouded in gauzy blues.





The original cottage in Jutogh cantonment near Shimla where Bishop Cotton started his school.




St Michael`s Church in Jutogh.





Perched on a ledge of the quaint Shimla Post Office building.





English corner.





This pole is what remains of a communication tower used by the British during WW1!




A cave shrine. A brass bell, heaps of floral offerings, and faith that moves a mountain.





All in all, just bricks in the wall.






Mountain sunsets put you in an instant Zen state of mind.




The Dauladhar ranges as glimpsed from our cottage.




One decripit building. Dereliction personified.





Cloud formation at  a hamlet called Sour.





The ruins of a  turret at Kangra Fort,  site of many a historical battle..




The Ban Ganga weaves her way far below the Kangra Fort.




A monastery in Mcleodganj.





The stark and simple yet charming Church of St John in the Wilderness, in Dharamsala district. A stone structure in a cedar forest, Lord Elgin is buried here.





The River Ravi at Chamba.





After all is said and done…. the rather desolate remains of what must have been a splendid fortress back in time, the Nurpur Fort, named after Noor Jahan, Light of the World.



The River Ravi in the gloaming…




…and in the daytime.



Wildflowers on the mountainsides. Instant joy!





The mountains that loom over the Chamba valley.




Red as a hill radish!




Himachal`s Gulmarg, Khajjiar.







Beekeepers at work in the Himachal heights.



And at a curve in the mountains, fresh radish for sale.



…and sometimes it all comes together.

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Sheila Kumar • July 8, 2017

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