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Sheila Kumar

Gender Female, last time I checked.
Industry Media, as of now. Advertising, publishing, army-wifing (that too is a career, believe me!) homemaking, baking, all figure in the list.
Occupation Journalist/Author/Book editor.
Location Bangalore, India.  Mail id: kumar.sheila@gmail.comI began my working career as an advertising copywriter with Hindustan Thompson in Madras, moved onto Ogilvy, Benson and Mather in Bangalore, then gave it all up to become a peripatetic army wife. Temporarily, as it happened, because I entered the workfield again, after a hiatus of ten years, this time in the avatar of a journalist. After a bit, I turned author. The army wife bit is permanent, though.
Introduction Now, doing the math,  I realise I have been a journalist for the past 28 years. I have worked in and written for magazines and newspapers in Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai, apart from filing stories from all over India. My collection of short stories titled Kith and Kin was published in 2012. It was very well received, I`m happy to say. All info relating to K & K  is featured on this site, on a  separate page.My second full-fledged work (as opposed to being part of very many anthologies) is a romance titled No Strings Attached, which too has received good reviews and a warm welcome, I`m happy to say. All info relating to NSA  is featured on this site, on a  separate page.

My third book is one I have co-authored with Jeeva Anna George. Jeeva has been battling with gluten allergy for many years now and has finally brought her personal Celiac Monster under control. A Gluten-free Life is my attempt to tell her inspiring story to the world.  All info relating to A Gluten-free Life is featured on this site, on a  separate page.

For my fourth book, I return to the world of relationships. Our Start-up Affair, there’s him, there’s her and then, there`s the city of Bangalore. All info relating to Our Start-up Affair is featured on this site, on a  separate page.

What do I do these days? I edit book first-draft manuscripts on assignment from private individuals as well as for a couple of publishing houses; I copy-edit a brace of industrial magazines for a Mumbai-based concern; I review books regularly for a set of national newspapers. I travel as much as possible, and I come back and write all about it.

Interests Books, music, theatre, film, cooking, travel, being a grammar-Nazi, all of these not in any particular order.
Favourite Music Old-fashioned hard rock. Never did outgrow Pink Floyd.
Favourite Books Shakespeare. PG Wodehouse. Ayn Rand.