Comfortably Numb

Sheila Kumar's Storehouse

Short story: Iscoyd, an Old-fashioned Tale

    Iscoyd, an old-fashioned tale The mirror was just part of it. She fell in love with the house the moment she set eyes on it. Actually, she loved the name of the house even before she saw the house itself. ‘Iscoyd’ read a weather-beaten wooden name board tacked on to a sturdy juniper…

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Short story: Love in the Park

Love in the park Diya found love in the park down the road from her house. Admittedly, she was very impressionable, the type who looked for love in the most probable and improbable places. She believed in God, the inimitable power of Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice and days of wine and roses, though actually she didn’t…

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Short story: Ships That Pass

 Ships that pass I’m sick of this cow’s company, Nina mused morosely, and I’m sure she’s sick of being with me too. The subject of her musing was stretched out beside her on a large marble ledge which had all the appearance of a meat counter. Two tough women, both sporting the shadow of a…

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Short story: Shari`s Pet Project

Shari`s Pet Project Shari had been working for a year as Personal Assistant to Boss (and Brother) Number Four at the Family Firm. She still took pains to dress well, give her eyes that little wing with the liquid eyeliner, and quickly spray one short burst of her favorite perfume down her cleavage and nowhere…

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Short story: The Light

The Light I saw  first saw it thing this morning when I carried my extra-large cup of green tea out onto the veranda. It was standing poker straight from the big terracotta pot, its spiky, shiny leaves in counterpoint to the golden yellow ball. Was this fruit growing in a pot? No, it seemed to…

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Short story: Tryst

Tryst Rohit was slowly inserting his hand into Rhea’s blouse when the men appeared. It was a warm day at Avalanche Lake, the water glinted just below where the two of them sat, a copse of eucalyptus trees stood like a sentinel to one side. The air was infused with the smell of eucalyptus, wild…

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Colours: Story Number Four

                                                 Colours Green vine. Beena had just turned 22. The first time was exciting in its own way, if exciting was the precise word she was looking for. It took place at Mon Repos, her grandmother’s house.  Beena and her mother Padmini came down from Hyderabad for the occasion. All was going swimmingly until  Beena…

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