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Feature: The Writer on writing

Why does a Writer Write? By Sheila Kumar Published: 13th October 2015 I could be facetious and say I write because I can. But that wouldn’t be the whole truth. I write because I must. The ideas pour into my head at all times of the day and night and stay there, jostling around, till I discharge…

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Review on blogger Athira Jim`s Bewitched By Words blog

Book Review – Kith and Kin – chronicles of a clan by Sheila Kumar Wednesday, October 7, 2015 From the book cover: Wimpy men, whimsical women, people trapped in their own time zones, cuckolding wives… Meet the Melekats. They are an inimitable lot! These are slice-of-life stories about an old Nair family from south Malabar…

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Interview with Smart Women

SMART INDIAN WOMEN OF THE WOMEN, BY THE WOMEN, AND FOR THE WOMEN     SMART INDIAN WOMEN An Author Interview of Sheila Kumar with Smart Indian Women Posted on July 2, 2015 by admin Sheila Kumar/Book Hi Sheila Kumar, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your…

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Interview with WriterStory

Sheila Kumar Interview – Kith and Kin Nikhil Narkhede May 29, 2015 We interviewed Sheila Kumar and here she speaks about her current work, academic background and all about writing. Very fascinating story right in her own words: I`m one of life`s lucky ones and I never forget it: I do something I love, writing, and…

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Random snapshots

  At random……………. Friends Lakshmi Karunakaran and Amandeep Sandhu visit friends in Stuttgart and out comes `an interesting book on Kerala. ` This was sent to me by Amar Kundu who asked if I was franchising my brand equity…!   Gender Stereotyping in Writing? Panel at Oxford Book Store comprising Andaleeb Wajid, Shoba Narayan, Radha Thomas Vijaya…

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Colours: A Story from Kith and Kin

                                               Colours Green vine. Beena had just turned 22. The first time was exciting in its own way, if exciting was the precise word she was looking for. It took place at Mon…

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Review: Excerpts from Kitaab’s review of Kith and Kin.

Kith and Kin: A Portrait of a Southern Indian clan  Zafar AnjumMay 31, 2013 Kith and Kin I have been trying to take a crack at Sheila Kumar’s collection of short stories Kith and Kin (Rupa, 2012) for a few months but without much success. In between, I read more than half of Howard Jacobson’s Zoo Time and then abandoned…

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Kith and Kin: Media Reviews IV

                                                              THE HINDU: METRO PLUS CHENNAI Arts/» Books Chennai, October 8, 2012 All in the family Zara Khan Sheila Kumar’s book Kith And Kin narrates the saga…

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Kith and Kin: Media Reviews III

FEMINA       Gita Mohan’s Blog Literary Notes and Beyond… MONDAY, 18 FEBRUARY 2013 An Enchanting Evening With Two Women Writers On Saturday evening, my local library, Easy Library, had arranged yet another fantastic author meet with not just one, but TWO women writers whose works reach out to all of us. They were in conversation with…

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