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Guest column: A Tale of Four Cities

A tale of four cities A quartet of places that   showcases  the best of human resilience. Drubovnik. Plitvice. Budapest. Prague. Places I visited a few months before the pandemic swept over the world and effectively locked us down. While I was rubber-necking as hard as any other tourist, taking in the stunning sights  and  tucking…

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Photo Feature: Picture Postcards

All photos by Sheila Kumar and subject to copyright.                                       The Alexandra Book Café in Budapest is one of the most ornate coffee shops I`ve been to. All that Baroque  gilded moldings, the glittering chandeliers, the striking…

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Travel: Lennon Wall in Prague

    All you need is love… The John Lennon Wall in Prague is a wall with a storied history In a city filled with stunningly beautiful monuments, a   Gothic bridge of much atmospheric antiquity, a languid river, a sprawling Palace complex, the John Lennon Wall is a bit of an anomaly. But there is…

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Travel: Just One Place….

                                         JETWINGS INTERNATIONAL                                      Just One Place   If time constraints forced you to choose just one city in…

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