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Book review: Urnabhih by Sumedha V. Ojha

Love in the shadow of intrigue Sumedha  Ojha has set this fast-paced thriller in the Mauryan age, a little after the adventurer turns king and is crowned Chandragupta Maurya. The story gets off to a somewhat stilted start and the awkward language (more about that, anon) only serves to drag it down. However, the turnabout…

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Book review: Transgressions by Vaiju Naravane

  Avalanche of secrets Adultery, betrayal, loneliness, family friction… all put together with quiet assurance. Journalist and editor Vaiju Naravane’s first book is about the troubled relationships people enter into and exit from in life. Kranti Goray is a proverbial Maharashtrian girl next door who emerges rather violently from her chrysalis, becomes something of a…

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Humour: The aftermath…of writing a book

The aftermath I have to ask. Are you old enough to remember those films in which, just before the end credits rolled, there appeared a sentence outlined in lurid pink or blood red: ‘This is not The End, this is just The Beginning’…? That sentence was so simplistic, viewers missed the enormous profundity it contained….

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Humour: On writing a book

A Suitable Profession   The Book Fair put the idea into Mona’s head. India’s Suitable Boy fuelled the flames. Which is how Mona became a state-of-the-art writer. She acquired a permanent ink smudge on her retrousse nose and tucked a gold-embossed pen behind one shell-shaped ear. The day I went to see her, she was…

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Book review: Gray Wolves by John Balian

Against all odds A roman á clef about triumphing in troubled times. Dr. John D Balian’s running-close-to-the-bone story is definitely a fable for our modern times, that perseverance, a refusal to give in to the most adverse circumstances will eventually lead one to one’s destination. Hanna/Jonah Ibelin, born to a poor Armenian farmer in Anatolia,…

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Feature: The Search for Bunter

The Search for Bunter The search began inconspicuously enough. Some years ago, I was at this party in Coonoor and the talk turned to books and further, to the books of our childhood. Someone said, ‘’My favourite books were the Billy Bunter series by Frank Richards,’’ and I heartily agreed. The books were a riot,…

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