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Book review: The Amazing Racist by Chhimi Tenduf-La

This is more a brief take than review. The Amazing Racist by Chhimi Tenduf-La Eddie Trusted, your average English teacher (ha! that gives you pause, right?) wants to marry the girl of his dreams, the voluptuous, flirtatious, manipulative Menaka. Eddie happens to be in Colombo and Menaka just happens to be the daughter of tough,…

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Book review: A Handbook for My Lover by Rosalyn D`Mello

This is more a brief take than review. A Handbook For My Lover by Rosalyn D`Mello Excerpt: You are my joy and my suffering; my jury, executioner and judge. you insist on pushing me to the edge of the cliff, even nudging me on occasion. You make me falter with my speech. I feel the…

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Feature: Privacy in a Marriage: Walking That Thin Line

Marriage: Walking that thin line If marriage is a sacred bond between two people, then just how much of it should leak into what can be termed the public space? Stripped of its inessentials, marriage really is a relationship between two people. They choose each other as life partners; vow to see each other through…

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Feature: When Does Indulgence Run out of a Relationship?

It’s a thin line between tolerance and indulgence. Sheila Kumar parses the issue at hand. A successful relationship often has less to do with the number of things we have in common than with the number of quirks we can tolerate — Okay, the quote is from Cathy Thorne’s cartoon, but, it’s no less pertinent!…

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Feature: Are We Seeing A Commitment Crisis?

Are We Seeing A Commitment Crisis? Time was when our elders (and betters, many would have it) just went with the flow of the tide. They would study hard, marry whom their elders told them to, work hard at being good husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. They never paused to examin e the concept…

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Feature: Strengthen Your Bond

Better your bond  Getting a romantic relationship to last needs some effort. Here are some tips.  Let’s face it. Falling in love is all too easy. Staying in love, however, isn’t. Like all other relationships, a romantic relationship too is vulnerable to the pulls and pressures of day-to-day life. However, if both partners are clear…

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Humour: Pillar to post

Sometimes, even awkward situations can take a funny turn, if turned the right way.   She wasn’t looking forward to seeing them at the O’Hare airport in Chicago. They were her former husband, his new wife and their newly-born son. Not that she was in Chicago on pleasure; she was there to hand over her daughter…

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Feature: A Matter of Gifting

A matter of gifting When it comes to giving, size does not matter; what matters is affection, a large heart. For years and years now, she had been playing Lady Bountiful but in the nicest sense ever. She was the sibling settled abroad. She had always been equipped with the most generous heart possible but…

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