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About Sheila Kumar

Quick take:

Novelist. Journalist. Manuscript editor. Baker of fairly good bread. Wannabe baker of fairly good sourdough.


Female, last time I checked.


Media, as of now. Advertising, publishing, army-wifing (that too is a career, believe me!) homemaking, baking all figure in the list.


Journalist/Author/Book editor.


Bangalore, India.

Contact details: 

Mail id: [email protected]

Intro, the long version:

 I began my working career as an advertising copywriter with HindustanThompson in Madras/Chennai, moved on to Ogilvy, Benson and Mather in Bangalore/Bengaluru, then gave it all up to become a peripatetic army wife.

Temporarily, as it happened, because I entered the workfield again, after a hiatus of   ten years, this time in the avatar of a journalist.

After a bit, I turned author and   manuscript editor.

The army wife bit is permanent, though.

Now, doing the math,  I realise I have been a journalist for the past three decades.

I have worked in and written for magazines and newspapers across India, apart from filing stories from everywhere.

The Times of India, TOI-Crest, The Hindu, Deccan Herald, Livemint, Tribune, The Indian Express, The New Indian Express.
India Today, Outlook, The Week, Femina, Cosmopolitan, Verve, Man`s World, Jetwings, Spa Aficianado.

The News Minute, The Voice of Fashion, Unblocked Writers, The Earthen Lamp Journal…you name the publication and I`ve written for them.

My collection of short stories titled Kith and Kin was published by Rupa Publishers in 2012. It was very well received, I`m happy to say. All info relating to K & K  is featured on this site, on a  separate page.

Click here for more info on the book: Kith and Kin Chronicles of a Clan

My second full-fledged work (as opposed to being part of  many anthologies) is a romance titled No Strings Attached, published by HarperCollins, which too has received good reviews and a warm welcome, I`m happy to say. All info relating to NSA  is featured on this site, on a  separate page.

Click here for more info on the book: No Strings Attached

My third book is one I have co-authored with Jeeva Anna George. Jeeva has been battling gluten allergy for many years now and has finally brought her personal Celiac Monster under control. A Gluten-free Life, published by HarperCollins,   is my attempt to tell her inspiring story to the world.  All info relating to A Gluten-free Life is featured on this site, on a  separate page.

Click here for more info on the book: A Gluten-free Life

For my fourth book, I return to the world of relationships. In Our Start-up Affair, published by Speaking Tiger, there’s him, there’s her and then there`s the city of Bangalore. It`s a millennial story full of passion, humour and everything in between. All info relating to Our Start-up Affair is featured on this site, on a  separate page.

Click here  for more info on the book: Our Start-up Affair

What do I do these days?

I write a guest column for The New Indian Express.

I edit first-draft manuscripts of books on assignment from individuals, as well as for a couple of publishing houses.

I copy-edit a brace of industrial magazines for a Mumbai-based concern.

I review books regularly for a set of national newspapers.

I do editing and writing work for The Voice of Fashion, a cutting-edge fashion e-magazine.

I travel as much as I possibly can, then I come back and write all about it.

Abiding interests:

Books, music, theatre, film, baking, travel, being a grammar-Nazi, all of these not in any particular order.

Favourite Music:

Old-fashioned hard rock. Never did outgrow Pink Floyd.

Favourite authors:

Shakespeare. PG Wodehouse. Francoise Sagan.