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Feature: As light as air

As light as air The origin story of my soufflé-making is now lost in the mists of time. However, I will admit that it had a lot to do with the fact that, after a string of epic fails with everyday lunches, I turned to baking under the impression that baked dinners would make for…

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Feature: Sourdough, Him and Me

  He did, she did In which the writer attends a sourdough workshop and gets into covert competition with a man.  Sheila Kumar  8 min read “This is the mother starter,” says Bengaluru-based Sour House’s Selvan Thandapani, who is guiding us through this Introduction to Sourdough workshop. We are five women aspiring sourdough bakers – and one…

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Feature: Food and the Man

Food and the Man “Mealtimes,“ pronounces the man with the air of an oracle, “should be Sybaritic.“ I reflect that Arundhati Roy would love this gent, He Who Speaks in Capitals. I am in the august company of The Man Who Can Cook Anything, the Garden City’s Epicure Number One, henceforth to be delineated as…

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Book review: Love, Loss and What We Ate by Padma Lakshmi

   A tasteful tell-all If Padma Lakshmi’s memoir is more memory and less food, it does not matter. Warmth and honesty infuses this candid account of her life and times; it is, quite literally, an answer to everything you wanted to know about her but didn’t know who to ask. As the whole reading world…

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Humour: That food frisson

That food frisson It’s been a long time coming. Starting out as a troubled eater, when the trestle table turned, it turned with a vengeance. Suddenly I woke up to food. I started to tuck in, I started to write about food and yes, I started to read and watch food stories. Just as it…

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Photo Feature: Eating Chinese food in China

All photos by Sheila Kumar. All images are subject to copyright. Bouza. They made for a great breakfast and kept one going through the day. Jianbing. A fried egg crepe with all kinds of delicious fillings, veg and non-veg. We were gorging on these in the mornings when not scarfing down bouzas. Platter at an eatery…

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Feature: Fancy a Bada Mac?

Fancy a Bada Mac? Eggs as filling. Bhelpuri sauce as flavouring. Jeera powder for relish… it`s the evolution of the Indian burger! I was at a mall in Indore, then the only mall in town. There was a modest food court offering all kinds of chaat, parathas , Chinese fare and, yes, burgers. What struck me was…

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Feature: The Das Sreedharan Interview

‘Food is god to me’ In conversation with London-based chef, restaurateur and inveterate rice-lover, Das Sreedharan.  Das Sreedharan went to London to study accountancy, but ended up opening the Rasa chain of restaurants and making his mark in global cuisine. Sreedharan, who appears frequently on British television, is the author of four popular cookbooks and…

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Feature: On Gastropubs

Pub it in style A tour of the metros for the gastropub experience. Time was when people would head out to a restaurant, order masala dosas, wash it down with mosambi juice and call it an evening well spent. Then food acquired some frills and  furbelows. Basic fare became stylish, the side dishes acquired a personality, and…

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Feature: Vineyard Musings

Vineyard tours are catching on   СНПЧ Epson хостинг joomla   There’s no better way to spend a lazy Sunday in Bangalore than to go wine-tasting, discovers Sheila Kumar. Some days are so typical of our city, Bangalore should take out a patent on them. This Sunday is one such. The sun is playing peek-aboo with the…

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