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Humour: Me, my Husband and Mari Kondo

Me, My Husband And Marie Kondo Now that Marie Kondo’s been and gone, I will tell you a story. At the time when she was a veritable whirlwind swooshing her way through the entire world, leaving neat piles of TK (to keep) and TC (to chuck) items in her wake, there were some people who…

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Feature: Too bad, Aziz Ansari

  Too Bad, Aziz Ansari  A quick recap of the whole distasteful affair first. A few weeks ago, Babe, a feminist website targeted mainly at youngsters, ran a graphic account of an anonymous woman’s sexual encounter with Ansari. Grace, the pseudonym used in the article, described the encounter as sexual assault. The two had gone…

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Feature: Do men read romance fiction?

  Real Men Don’t Read Romantic Novels. Or Do They? I`m a writer, and my stories usually carry more than their fair share of darkness. I don’t know why, that’s just the way they are. Then, I wrote a romance, a light-as-air, sweet-as-rock-candy tale. And when that love story went out into the world a…

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Humour: Confessions of a Steal-dealer

    Confessions Of A Steal-Dealer I am a steal-dealer. You wouldn’t know it from looking at me. On the outside, I look like any other reasonably sane, reasonably intelligent, reasonably content Indian woman — but show me a certain kind of deal and watch the Ms Hyde in me push down Dr Jekyl with…

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Feature: Food and the Man

Food and the Man “Mealtimes,“ pronounces the man with the air of an oracle, “should be Sybaritic.“ I reflect that Arundhati Roy would love this gent, He Who Speaks in Capitals. I am in the august company of The Man Who Can Cook Anything, the Garden City’s Epicure Number One, henceforth to be delineated as…

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Humour: Joust the two of us!

I’ll begin with a confession: I don’t have a hearth. In fact, I’m not too sure   what exactly a hearth is. In my mind, it`s something that carries warmth and   fuzziness at times, and a touch of Roop tera   mastana at other times… or am I confusing   it with a blazing…

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Feature: Where has nuance gone?

Where has nuance gone? t`s a bad time to be a whiter shade of pale. Or lavender, mauve, mint, teal, chartreuse…. Actually, it`s a bad time to be subtle. To fall back on irony and expect the listener/viewer/observer to get just what you mean. This was brought home sharply vis-à-vis a recent post I shared on…

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Humour: Is my obsession with martial arts movies normal?

My Unladylike Obsession With Martial Arts Films I don`t know if I can call myself a man`s    woman, but I can safely say I’m ladylike, for the most part. I mean, I’m quite   typically feminine in my appearance; I   love fripperies and fuchsia lipstick; I can   giggle with the best of…

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Feature: Why Men Don`t Talk About Divorce

Why Men Don`t Talk About Divorce When I told my (male) friend I was writing on men and divorce, he did a double take. “Why?” he asked me tersely. “Why not?” I asked in return. He then took a deep breath and informed me that men don’t like to hear or read about, leave alone…

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Humour: The post-metrosexual man

The Post-Metrosexual Man When the metrosexual man made his appearance, half- mincing, half-strutting across the world’s stage, I curled a lip, but kept quiet. I told myself this creature won’t last long in Mardistan, a country that flies its macho flag at nauseating heights. Those were famous last words. Even as I was bidding a…

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