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Guest column: Nostalgia, with a Side of Wistfulness

So, I`m no Luddite but neither am I a Stevie Jobs, with a cutting edge understanding of tech change. However,  all those Whatsapp forwarded- many-times clips singing a nostalgic tune about Flit spray cans, bicycle bells and Dalda tins bring forth the merest of smiles, nothing more, in me. Because nostalgia notwithstanding, some things wrought…

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Feature: The Book Cupboard

The book cupboard A coming- of- age story featuring the writer and a cupboard. To all intents and purposes, it was an ordinary cupboard. Made of some indeterminate wood, maybe teak, given a light varnish, adorned with an incongruous bright blue doorknob, the cupboard sat in a  corner of the formal drawing room in my…

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Feature: The Tea-times of Childhood

  Remembrance of teatimes past  Looking back at 4 pm food memories It is a truth universally acknowledged, that young persons forced to spend a whole hot and humid month in their `native place,` will be forever restless, forever hungry. Back in the Eighties, our large brood of siblings and cousins were no different when…

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Book review: Small Towns, Big Stories by Ruskin Bond

This is more a brief take than review. Small Towns, Big Stories by Ruskin Bond (Aleph Publications) Another little gem from the inimitable Bond, Ruskin Bond. Herein are tales from the villages, hamlets and townships of his beloved hills, accounts of interesting and eccentric people, sundry leopards, bears and birds,  and all of it infused…

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Book review: Bangalore Blue, An Anthology of Bangalore Tales

I was at my favourite treasure trove, the Eloor library, where the jacket of this book (artwork by Yusuf Arakkal) caught my eye. Bangalore Blue is its name and the lines at the bottom quaintly read: a bunch of nostalgic tales for and by true-blue Bangaloreans.  Having been a townswoman since the Seventies, I consider myself a true-blue…

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Feature: Memories of Another Bangalore

Have we lost more than we’ve gained? It was a balmy night. Up on the floodlit stage at the Kanteerava Stadium, Biddu Appaiah (he hadn’t dropped his surname then) was belting out some good hard rock. The crowds were giddy with delight, and we were part of that singing, dancing crowd. When the show was…

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Travel: Nilgiris Nostalgia

  Return of the native SHEILA KUMAR sings a paean to the enduring beauty of the Nilgiris, which was once her home This article should in all fairness, carry a disclaimer. I’m no wide-eyed tourist or first-time visitor to the Blue Mountains. I used to live there, some years ago, and in a life marked…

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Travel: The journey back home

The  journey back home When a professional assignment turned personal  Photo: Anil Kumar Ezhuthachan/Palakkad Trails. As assignments went, it was a fairly routine one. I was doing the area map-makers termed South Malabar, comprising Palakkad, Guruvayoor, Trichur and thereabouts, for a travel book. The idea at HQ was to send people to cover areas they…

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Feature: My Own Time Capsule

                          My Own Time Capsule This morning, the first thing I saw when I opened the front door was a solitary hibiscus flower, blood red against a foliage of emerald green leaves. I stood staring for a moment, then shut my eyes. And…

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Travel: Gulmarg, Kashmir

                                                                 The heart of Gulmarg lies in its pine forests. I lived there for a year and it was like a sabbatical from the…

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