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Book review: The Seasons of Trouble by Rohini Mohan

The Seasons of Trouble by Rohini Mohan.  HarperCollins Books. This is really of the lest- we- forget genre. We have had some competent, even accomplished wordsmiths chronicling the conflict and after in Sri lanka, the likes of Nirupama Subramanian (Voices From A War Zone), Samanth Subramanian (This Divided Island), Romesh Gunesekera (most recently Noontide Toll)…

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Feature: Siachen`s meter keeps on ticking

Siachen’s meter keeps on ticking   It’s another cold grey day. The weather has packed up for over 20 days now, and it doesn’t seem as if the weak sun will break through today. His fibreglass hut (FGH) is comfortingly warm and he doesn’t want to get out of his heavy-duty sleeping bag. But get…

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