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Opinion: Confused and confounded

Confused and confounded The new year has slunk in, bringing fresh tumult and trauma in its wake. And the one prevailing emotion across the world at this moment in time is confusion. Utter, total, complete confusion. What`s more, Omicron is where the confusion buck stops. When the Covid-19 pestilence first hit us, we were undoubtedly…

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Feature: Has humour lost its edge in Covid times?

ARE JOKES PERSONA NON GRATA DURING COVID-19? Coronavirus times. Tough times. As the infection is sweeping across   country after country, toppling people, economies and virtually the world as we know it, it is being made clear to us that we need to recalibrate ourselves, our beliefs, our lifestyle. But we also need to hold onto…

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Pandemic posts

                  Tuesday larfs… or why I shouldn`t read the Live Chats during a Pink Floyd concert. Fan A: Aaaaaaaah. Fan B: Any PF fans from India here? Fan C: Meeeee! Fan D: is this a live concert? Fan E: Bro, how can it be a live concert?…

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