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Feature: Charlie Chaplin, A Tribute

Make like the Tramp! One could do worse than adopt a Chaplinesque outlook to life.   Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin, better known as Charlie Chaplin,  entertainer exemplaire, would be 127 years on April 16, 2016, if he still lived. But the character Chaplin created and the world took to its heart, the Tramp, continues to entertain,…

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Feature: In The New Year….

Make it a happy 2016 ! If the passing of time is inexorable, it is also slightly ridiculous. Ridiculous because before we know it, the year has shut shop, another year is about to dawn on us, and there we are, pretty much where we were last December. As the saying goes, plus ça change,…

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Feature: How Relevant Are You?

How relevant are you? We don’t analyse it much, but it’s astonishing what we do to stay relevant. Relevant to who? Why, to our kith and kin, our friends and neighbours, the people we work for, the people we work with, the people who work for us, indeed, to the section of the whole wide…

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Feature: So, What`s the Goss?

       Don`t tell anyone, okay? Like it or not, gossip makes the world go round. The savvy thing here would be to stay on top of the rumour mills. A few lessons on managing the eternally thrumming grapevine. Ask me all about gossip. I know. I was living and working in the capital…

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Humour: Coffee talk

                                    Coffee Talk Over the years, I have come to meet some interesting people in Bangalore`s coffee houses. some of these people are celebs, others quasi-celebs and still others, confirmed eccentrics. I have come away feeling quite enriched…

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Feature: Letter To A Father

Letter to a Father  The morning post brought little Kelly a letter from her father stationed in an obscure hamlet in the Kashmir valley. As I watched her jump up and down with glee,  shrieking “Dadda`s letter, Dadda’s letter,“ I remembered with a sudden pang that that was how I used to react when I…

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Feature: My Own Time Capsule

                          My Own Time Capsule This morning, the first thing I saw when I opened the front door was a solitary hibiscus flower, blood red against a foliage of emerald green leaves. I stood staring for a moment, then shut my eyes. And…

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