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Travel: Castlerigg Stone Circle in England`s Lake District

Circle of enigma The stone circle at Castlerigg in England`s Lake District is believed to be the earliest of its kind in all Europe. Last night, I dreamt I went to Castlerigg again. These, of course, are the wistful dreams engendered  by the times we are living in, but Castlerigg is one place I really…

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Book excerpts: The Lake District, An Anthology compiled by Norman Nicholson

The Lake District An anthology compiled by Norman Nicholson. Penguin Books. 1977.   This delightful composition of prose, poetry and essays, some of them in the Cumbrian dialect,  contains such nuggets  as the ones reproduced below.  Gentleman in a hurry It was customary, I am told, to dash by them (i.e. the Lakes) with an…

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Book review: Different Class by Joanne Harris

 Different Class, Joanne Harris.  Doubleday Books This is the third in the author`s psychological thrillers but it is a standalone story, and that`s how I read it. Harris had me at Chocolat, years and years ago and though I`ve not always loved her other books in the same way, they always made for an engrossing…

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Book review: The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson

This is more a brief take than review. Twenty years after he wrote the definitive book on Great Britain, Notes From A Small Island,  purportedly the most successful travel book ever( 2.5 million copies sold to date), Bill Bryson is back, funny bone a-tingling, pen and notebook in hand,  keen powers of observation intact. But…

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Travel: Chez Jane Austen

Actually, right now we are having a break from the Austen machine. The past couple of years were basically one long Austen carnival, as devised deftly and wonderfully, by Hollywood, and ably assisted by the doughty BBC. There were a couple of interpretations of Austen’s all-time classic, Pride and Prejudice (and no, I’m not including…

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Travel: Bath, England

The cursing stones The ancient curse tablets of Bath continue to cast a potent spell on the modern tourist. It’s a day of weak sunshine in September and I’m at the Roman Baths in Bath. I am hypnotised. The water is a celadon green, the steam that rises from the hot springs, a wispy, ethereal white….

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Travel: To Oxford, Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon

A drive out to Oxford, Stratford-upon-Avon and Bath.   A driving trip is a great way to see places. You’re in control of the vehicle and pace. You decide what to see, when to see it, when and where to stop. And, when driving in England, almost everything is stacked in your favour: great motorways, clear…

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