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Humour: Coffee talk

                                    Coffee Talk Over the years, I have come to meet some interesting people in Bangalore`s coffee houses. some of these people are celebs, others quasi-celebs and still others, confirmed eccentrics. I have come away feeling quite enriched…

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Humour: In the pyramid

In the Pyramid Suddenly, the Pyramid was all the rage in the organisation. That was but natural since it was the General Manager’s wife who had introduced the concept to the place. Everywhere I went,  I heard raves about the Pyramid. “But what exactly is the Pyramid?” I queried, and was met with blank looks,…

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Humour: Writer`s dilemma

A Writer’s Dilemma   A funny thing happened to me on the way to 2002. Just about every one I met, friends, kin, acquaintances, all barring complete strangers (the heavens be praised), would start conversations with mysterious references to ‘The Book.’ It took me a while to figure out they weren’t talking about the Bible,…

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Humour: Mother of all farces

               Mother of all farces After almost a decade in the line, I’d thought myself hardened to most people and happenings. So when the editor asked me to go meet the reigning Herbal Queen’s newly-wed son and heir, and get him to talk about his wedding, it sounded like…

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Humour: A mate for Boss

A dogged pursuit I’m looking for a mate for my Boss. Before the unsuspecting reader jumps to the startling conclusion that I am matchmaking for my employer, I must clarify that Boss is my Golden Retriever. Even as Goldens go, Boss is gorgeous. Sable coloured with velvet brown eyes and a most affable disposition, he’s a stunning chappie. What’s more, he has…

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Humour: Mona at a life-coaching session

                    Note: Mona was a flaky character I created in the pre-digital age and she  used to appear in a lot of my DH Middles. A Costly Session I had never seen my friend Mona so excited. All that customary languor was gone, replaced by a…

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Humour: Stagey couture, a Mona story

Stagey couture Mona turns out to be a theatre buff …of sorts! “It`s theatre fest time,“ I told my friend Mona. She is an avid and regular theatre-goer, our Mona. “Of course, darling,“ she drawled. “Where else would I be, if not at the Chowdiah Memorial Hall all week long? Why, I have got seven…

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Humour: Designer talk

Haute Jargon (2013 disclaimer: This piece needs to be read with tongue firmly lodged in cheek. The author has been a fashion journalist and while not totally sold on all things haute couture, definitely knows her zardosi from her gota patti. ) Design: A strange fiendish cult perpetrated by strange fiendish minds, with even stranger…

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Feature: Famous last words!

Should I Have A Baby To Please You? I’m not fond of children and I don’t want any. This is a fairly straightforward statement but the reactions I get are by no means straightforward. I don’t want children. I don’t really foresee the patter of little feet in my house at any time. I don’t…

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