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Book review: Between You, Me and the Four Walls by Moni Mohsin

When gossip carries a sting The queen of malapropisms is back in our midst, with the third iteration of the chatty outpourings of the Social Butterfly,  whose carefully curated gossip is, if you look hard, nothing but a sharp send-up of people, policies and lifestyles. In this book,  Butterfly throws shade  on a lot of…

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Book review: Return of the Butterfly by Moni Mohsin

Return of the Butterfly by Moni Mohsin I just made the acquaintance of the Butterfly. She knows all of Lahore, half of Isloo (er, Islamabad to us ?), half of Dubai and a good spattering of Delhi also; her understanding of world affairs is not too nuanced, she mixes her metaphors all the time but…

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