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Book review: Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer

This is more  brief take than  review of the book. Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. Pan Books. The May 1996 Everest disaster where eight people died in a storm that hit the mountain with force, is well documented in print and on celluloid too. Jon Krakauer`s account is very matter- of- fact, shorn of…

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Book review: Nanda Devi, a Journey to The Last Sanctuary by Hugh Thomson

Nanda Devi, A Journey to the Last Sanctuary by Hugh Thomson, Hachette India publishers. At 25,650 ft asl,  Nanda Devi is India’s highest mountain; Kanchenjunga, which is higher, is on the border of India and Nepal. It has been closed to climbers by Indian authorities for years, since 1982 in fact,  because of its sensitive…

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Book review: Himalaya, an Anthology edited by Ruskin Bond and Namita Gokhale

This is more a brief take than review. In high places Every book I read which fixes its focus on the Himalaya mountain range, as well as the world`s highest peak Everest, further feeds my fascination with the mountains, with that mountain. This book is a varied collection of mountain tales from some highly  acclaimed…

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Book review: The Mountain: My Time on Everest by Ed Viesturs and David Roberts

Not a new release but a gem I stumbled on. The book is titled The Mountain (Touchstone Publishers). It further clarifies: My Time On Everest. And then, just in case you were still floundering, there is a tagline that reads: The Irresistible Lure of the World`s Highest Peak. It is written jointly by mountaineer Ed…

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