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Column: On the Sanitisation of Well-loved Books

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater I recently watched Roger Waters, former Pink Floyd songwriter and bassist, the man who wrote the most scathing lyrics that shone a spotlight on war, violence, twisted men and women, twisted politics,  defending himself against charges of anti-Semitism. After I intently searched Waters` monologue  for any signs of…

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Books: Tribute to PG Wodehouse

THREE CHARACTERS AT BLANDINGS CASTLE I ABSOLUTELY LOVE: • Lord Emsworth. The barmy old ninth Earl is a veritable delight. • Angus McAllister. The castle`s Head Gardner, with his radical views on hollyhocks and yews, has some side-splitting face-offs with Lord Emsworth. • Rupert Baxter. Can one love Baxter? Well, you definitely love that he…

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Books: Me and my favourite reads

SHELF ESTEEM The Ayatollah and I weren’t on  the same page   What are you reading right now? The Patna Manual of Style by SIDDHARTH CHOWDHURY, though in a mystified fashion.   Which book, author or series do you reach out for when you just want a comfort read? Life at Blandings or any of…

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Humour: English as she is spoke

We don’t need no vocab! OXFORD BUSTING They speak her funnily in different parts of the world, as Sheila Kumar discovers Let’s face it, the amazing citizens of that amazing country, the US of A, started out tweaking English for pure convenience’s sake. While the purists raised a querulous eyebrow, stiffened their upper lip and bore…

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