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Book review: The Half Known Life by Pico Iyer

The Half-known Life, In Search of Paradise by Pico Iyer. Penguin Books. The gifted writer sets out in search of a paradise on earth as well as in the mind. No prizes for guessing where the true paradise is to be found, of course. Iyer gets ¬†in a deeply reflective state of mind as he…

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Opinion: The sounds of silence

The sounds of silence ¬†Speaking for myself (and I`m certain, speaking for you) I oftentimes think I`m living in a vortex of noise. Surrounded by noise, assailed by noise, disturbed by noise, sometimes rendered distraught by noise. I`m old enough to remember when noise basically meant loud rock concerts, a mixer-grinder doing its work for…

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Book review: A Beginner`s Guide to Japan by Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer, that consummate Japanophile, is back to doing what seems to be a labour of love: parsing his adopted land, the Land of the Rising Sun. But don`t be fooled. A BEGINNER`S GUIDE TO JAPAN is no breezy read. You will pore over each line, trying to decipher the unwritten meaning as much as…

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Book review: The Art of Stillness by Pico Iyer

Still and tranquil The Art of Stillness/Adventures in Going Nowhere/Pico Iyer/A TED Book And now the peripatetic traveler, the veteran travel writer, switches tracks and writes this eulogy about going nowhere. About sitting still, about being at peace with yourself and your surroundings. A totally irresistible concept, if you think about it. It`s an art…

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Travel Books: Go Places, Sitting at Home

It’s in the books! Armchair travel takes on a special charm with the right books. EXPLORE THE WORLD THROUGH TRAVEL BOOKS! Sitting in the cosy confines of your favourite easy chair and going places, seeing sights, meeting all sorts of people, all without having to don camping gear, resort to insect repellents or learn a…

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