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Feature: Food and the Man

Food and the Man “Mealtimes,“ pronounces the man with the air of an oracle, “should be Sybaritic.“ I reflect that Arundhati Roy would love this gent, He Who Speaks in Capitals. I am in the august company of The Man Who Can Cook Anything, the Garden City’s Epicure Number One, henceforth to be delineated as…

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Feature: Likethatonly Restaurant Review

Moregoodstuff The food trio — AD Singh, Chef Manu Chandra and Chetan Rampal —is showering Bangalore  with more good stuff. Their new eatery, tucked away in a quiet lane in  Whitefield, is all about whimsy, starting with the name: likethatonly. The décor — by designer  Anshu Arora, painter Murali Nagapuzha and landscaping artist Rashmi Attavar…

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Feature: Olive Beach Restaurant Review

Bountiful brunch This is a reaffirmation rather than a report. Restaurateur A.D. Singh’s brainchild, helmed by Chef Manu Chandra, a long slow lunch at Olive Beach continues to be the top-draw for Bangaloreans on lazy Sunday afternoons. So. What’s the same-old same-old? Why, it’s the Ladies who Lunch in Style, their Louboutins clacking on the…

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