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Travel: The tigers of Tadoba

Tadoba`s family tigers   Tiger-spotting is serious business at  the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. On any given evening, as the visitor is about to dig into dinner after a long day of morning and evening safaris, eavesdropping becomes a fun sport. “Raka`s back,” announces one tiger-spotter, a satisfied smile hovering about his mouth. “He`s a…

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Book review: The Seasons of Trouble by Rohini Mohan

The Seasons of Trouble by Rohini Mohan.  HarperCollins Books. This is really of the lest- we- forget genre. We have had some competent, even accomplished wordsmiths chronicling the conflict and after in Sri lanka, the likes of Nirupama Subramanian (Voices From A War Zone), Samanth Subramanian (This Divided Island), Romesh Gunesekera (most recently Noontide Toll)…

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Travel: Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

In search of Sher Khan Kanha National Park is where you can come face-to-face with a tiger, if you have the patience.   In search of a tiger We are bowling over a horrendous road when I decide to put on record my indemnity bond. “Er,” I say, “I hope you girls know that not…

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