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Books: Tribute to PG Wodehouse

THREE CHARACTERS AT BLANDINGS CASTLE I ABSOLUTELY LOVE: • Lord Emsworth. The barmy old ninth Earl is a veritable delight. • Angus McAllister. The castle`s Head Gardner, with his radical views on hollyhocks and yews, has some side-splitting face-offs with Lord Emsworth. • Rupert Baxter. Can one love Baxter? Well, you definitely love that he…

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Feature: The Anonymous Woman

She’s the best, now and forever Her looks are deceptive. She always looks calm and collected, and content. If not happy, well then, not unhappy, either. This look, it has come from long years of practice, of perfecting the art of being the still center of all the gathering storms. And apart from practice making…

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Feature: Tribute to a beloved dog

A pet can be an entertainer and sometimes it can also teach us life’s valuable lessons. We had a Golden Retriever called Boss for seven years — a stunner with his sandy coat, brilliant black eyes and handsome muzzle. However, it was his good humoured demeanour that set him apart from other dogs. Boss didn’t…

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Feature: Missing Sister

I can close my eyes and see her now. Bright sparkling eyes, a mop of black curls cropped close to her head, the widest grin ever, a body perennially poised for action, digging into the endless banana splits that were a staple food for her at the Lakeview ice-cream joint on MG Road. She was…

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Feature: Farewell Friend

Farewell Friend When they called to tell me he was gone, dead of a heart attack just twelve days after he turned 39, I was filled with rage. An all-consuming, white-hot rage that robbed me of words,that even robbed me of tears. I placed the receiver carefully back in its cradle and took down the…

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Feature: Letter To A Father

Letter to a Father  The morning post brought little Kelly a letter from her father stationed in an obscure hamlet in the Kashmir valley. As I watched her jump up and down with glee,  shrieking “Dadda`s letter, Dadda’s letter,“ I remembered with a sudden pang that that was how I used to react when I…

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Feature: Tribute to Freddie Mercury

                                                       Tribute to Freddie M   I can just hear it, the Voice From Above crooning softly, questioningly, “Ready, Freddie?“ And down below, on his sick bed, Mercury would…

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Feature: Tribute to Delilah


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