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Book review: Still Me by Jojo Moyes

A romance at its heart  For those readers who didn’t know that the film Me Before You was originally a book – it was. It did well, as did the movie version of the story, with the author Jojo Moyes also writing the screenplay. Still Me is the third book in the series that followed….

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Book review: Austenistan, edited by Laleen Sukhera

    Jane in Jimmy Choos An independent writer, manuscript editor and author, the writer is based in Bengaluru.   So here`s a peek at the gentler sex of a neighbouring country. This lot is anything but cowed down, abaya-clad, meek or demure. This lot wears Western couture with elan, are generally shod in Roger Vivier…

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Book review: Baaz by Anuja Chauhan

Blue skies, eye candy Anuja Chauhan`s latest offering doesn’t stray too far from her template: feisty heroine, gorgeous hero, as much external conflict as  internal (maybe more of the former here, given that the backdrop here is the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War),  much toe-curling passion,  a very interesting gaggle who make up the supporting cast…

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Book review: Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

Eligible: A Biased Review Eligible  is  American author Curtis Sittenfeld’s re-telling of that much loved classic  Pride and Prejudice. To  take on a work, any work of Jane Austen (even when commissioned to do so, as part of the Austen  Project) is one brave thing to do, and inevitably, for every two people who liked   Eligible, four…

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Feature: Strengthen Your Bond

Better your bond  Getting a romantic relationship to last needs some effort. Here are some tips.  Let’s face it. Falling in love is all too easy. Staying in love, however, isn’t. Like all other relationships, a romantic relationship too is vulnerable to the pulls and pressures of day-to-day life. However, if both partners are clear…

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