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Book review: Destination Wedding by Diksha Basu

This is more a brief take than review.

There`s nothing as delightful as light-done-right, a dictum I`ve tried to follow when writing both `No Strings Attached` and `Our Start-up Affair.`
Diksha Basu`s DESTINATION WEDDING (Bloomsbury Books) gets that light-done-right down pat.
The story sends up the Big Fat Indian Wedding in the most gentle manner ever. It does not immediately yield up its wit and wisdom, you need to stick with this unusual family group from the US — Tina our protagonist, quite a (comely) bundle of confused ideas; Radha her lovely psychiatrist mother; Mr Das, her father, who remains just that, a faceless (though not entirely formless because we get a look at his impossibly soft feet!) Mr Das all through the tale; Radha`s boyfriend David Smith; Tina`s BFF Marianne — all of them foregathered in Delhi to attend a grand family wedding, that of Pavan and Shefali.
For the most part, this is a light read with the infrequent dip into something just below the surface, though it doesn’t linger too long there. The class divide is handled with sensitivity.
This is satire that cuts everyone a lot of slack. This is a well-written romance where all the major characters end up happy, including Mr Das. This is a well-written, pleasant read.

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Sheila Kumar • January 27, 2021

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