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Photo feature: A Yearning Look Back at Parks Visited in the Pre-Covid Age

This is a wistful post. A plaintive post. A post featuring parks, meadows, downs, fields, trekking routes I`d give anything to revisit, like RN.    

Book review: The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell

  The Bookseller`s Tale Shaun Bythell, a Scotsman of slightly curmudgeonly nature and a deep and abiding love of books,  buys a bookstore in Wigtown and sets about making it arguably the most popular bookshop on the Scottish isle. In between trips hither and thither to look at book collections and buy as he sees…

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Photo Feature: Picture Postcards

                                                                  The 108 chortens of Dorchu La, Bhutan. On the road leading out of Thimphu, we came across these beautiful chortens, rows and…

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Photo Feature: Ullapool on Isle of Skye, Scotland

Sometimes, you pull out a plate to heap sliced tomatoes on, and it opens the door immediately to a Nostalgia Trip: to Ullapool, a fishing village on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.   The crockery cupboard at the charming B & B, Rosslyn Cottage, where we stayed two nights.    Ullapool, gently hedged by…

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Travel: Scotland`s Lochs

SCOTLAND Water world Scotland’s lochs offer some of the most beautiful bounties of nature I am standing at the edge of Loch Ness. It is a dark and stormy afternoon; the huge mass of glowering thundercloud gathered above echoes the slate colour of the roiling waters. It is fascinating weather in which to gaze upon…

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Photo Feature: Scotland

The Highlands All photos by Sheila Kumar. All images are subject to copyright.                                            Scotland`s national flower, the thistle.        `Braveheart` William Wallace, and no, he looks like nothing like a certain Mel Gibson….

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