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Photo feature: A Yearning Look Back at Parks Visited in the Pre-Covid Age

This is a wistful post. A plaintive post. A post featuring parks, meadows, downs, fields, trekking routes I`d give anything to revisit, like RN.


An ancient stone bridge, a waterfront restaurant and all the greenery a heart can desire. Grasmere in the Lake District, United Kingdom.

The afternoon sun dappling Letna Park which affords amazing views of the Charles Bridge in Prague.

A sunlit meadow strewn with poppies above the white travertine terraces of Pamukkale in Turkey.

A touch of Moorish beauty in Granada, Spain.

A sturdy old stone wall with equally old trees bending lovingly over it, in Glendalough, Ireland.


The most darling thatched cottage ever in magical Hobbiton, New Zealand.

Deep in the forests of Plitvice National Park in Croatia.

Dunkelk, gateway to the Scottish Highlands, with the River Tay flowing swiftly through it.

The stunning Sim`s Park, a wonderland of trees, in the heart of Coonoor town in the Nilgiris.

Mysterious Ritigala in Sri Lanka , where you walk and walk and walk amongst venerable trees and shrubs, stone bridges and raised platforms to finally come upon the ruins of a monastery dating back to 1 BCE.

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Sheila Kumar • October 12, 2020

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