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Published on: 08/13/16 7:24 AM

Photo Feature: Scotland

The Highlands

All photos by Sheila Kumar. All images are subject to copyright.

                                           Scotland`s national flower, the thistle.

       `Braveheart` William Wallace, and no, he looks like nothing like a certain Mel Gibson.

                                            A busking bagpiper in full regalia on the Royal Mile. 

                                               Let`s get this straight now, shall we?

                                            Down one of Edinburgh`s fascinating closes. 

                                           Edinburgh Caste gleaming in the gloaming.

          Spotted this moving tribute on the inside wall of Greyfriars Church in Edinburgh.

In Grayfriars Cemetery, a name that JK Rowling took and gave to the modern Sauron of our times. Lord Voldemort aka Tom Riddle. The original is Thomas Riddel, though.

                                                 Diagon Alley in Edinburgh Old Town.

One of the three eateries where JKR used to sit and write the early Harry Potter stories. Eventually, she moved to a suite of rooms in the posh Balmoral Hotel.

      Loch Ness gleams sinisterly on a dark and stormy morning.
You expect Nessie to pop her head out, any time now.

A modern cairn of sorts high on a hill above a loch.

A stunning cliffscape on the Isle of Skye.

           The Portree Bay channeling a still-life painting…or is it the other way around?

Bluebells at the edge of a loch.

                                           A Scottish broch stands mysteriously  on an elevation. 
                                The origins of these drystone brochs are shrouded in mystery.

                                A fairie ring, another source of charming myth and mystery.  

                Eilean Donan Castle, site of many a song-and -dance routine in our films.

                                           Sterling Castle on its lofty perch.

                                             The romantic ruins of Ardvreck Castle.

                     Dunvegan Castle which has a Fairy Flag belonging to the Clan MacLeod, 
                        and a fascinating  legend attached to the now threadbare banner.  

                                          The magnificent cantilevered Firth of Forth Bridge. 

                           A little loch in the forefront and the Old Man of Storr at the back,
                        his head obscured by cloud.

                                The Kelpies, 30-metre high, structural steel horseheads.

                                            Scottish cattle: one cute hairy `coo` up in the Highlands. 

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Sheila Kumar • August 13, 2016

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