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Photo Feature: Cats of Turkey

             Cats of Turkiye, a pictorial representation

All pics by Sheila Kumar. All images subject to copyright.


Miss Istanbul, at the Topkapi Palace.

Busy Lizzie crossing an Istanbul street.



  Ginger, near the Blue Mosque.



 Tawny Eyes, playing on a Sultanahmet kerb.




Missy, inside the Hagia Sophiya.



 Snoozums. At Ephesus.



Cappadocia’s PP: Pugnacious Poll. You don’t mess with this one.



 Mit. Protector of the Tombs. At Ephesus.




 Ghost-Rider. Amongst the ruins at Aphrodisias.  



This `un be Blanca in Mustafapasa village.

Gertrude a.k.a Gertie, at Heybeli island, off Turkey.

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Sheila Kumar • August 29, 2014

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