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Published on: 06/9/14 4:43 AM

The Wellness Column: Common Sense Does the Job!

Common sense does the job!

You don’t need to consult a doctor/nutritionist/wellness coach all the time; sometimes, daily doses of common sense works wonders.

Here’s a list of must-knows and must-dos for a healthy lifestyle.

Eating right

Drink coffee. Yes, you read that right; coffee’s link to heart disease has been debunked over and over again, in study after study. Up to three moderate sized cups a day won’t harm you, it may even lower risks of Type-II 2 diabetes, according to some researchers.

Eat lots of fish. Salmon and tuna lower the risks for heart disease, diabetes, a stroke. All that Omega-3 matter goes straight to your skin, resulting in a major glow.

Not all good (tasty) foods are bad (unhealthy) foods for you: red grapes, dark chocolate, spaghetti sauce rich in tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, walnuts all taste delicious and are good for you, too. So, go stuff your face with suchlike foods…in moderation, though!

This can’t be repeated enough: stay far away from white bread, rice and sugar. These foodstuffs are full of flavour but manage to get blood sugar levels spiralling. Go to whole grain instead. It may not taste too good at first but with perseverance, you’ll acquire the taste.

Eat at least four different colour groups per day; greens, yellow (dals), red (tomatoes and carrots), purple (aubergine a.k.a brinjal) are one healthy set. Putting together a colourful meal is fun.

While on the subject of good food, eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can.

The old adage about one glass of wine daily being good for you is true, so drink up! Stop at one glass, though; the old moderation rule, remember?

The occasional eating binge won’t do you one jot of harm as long as you eat properly most of the time. So, don’t come down heavily on yourself when you indulge occasionally.

Eat tomatoes. The lycopene and other antioxidants in there are great for you.

Living well

Quit smoking and stay far from those who do. Whether it is active or passive, inhaling it is lethal. Enough said.

Wear proper sunglasses when you go out into the sun, it isn’t just about being stylish, it is invaluable protection for your eyes and staves off wrinkles, too. Invest in a good quality pair of glares, the cheaper ones may look cool but do nothing for your eyes.

Stay sharp: read books, do crossword puzzles, go see plays, documentaries. This way, you delay the onset of memory problems later on.

Wash your hands after you come in from outside, you wash off so much unseen but harmful bacteria this way.

Don’t borrow pens to sign credit cards and other papers, use your own. The borrowed pen’s surface plays host to many viruses.

Women, know your menstrual flow; the moment it becomes too little or too much, your body is trying to tell you something. Fibroids, thyroid, diabetes, cysts can all be spotted via the period behaviour.

Sleep for a minimum of eight hours at night. It can help you lose weight apart from giving you total rest and rejuvenation.

Calcium supplements work for you up until you are diagnosed with osteoporosis. After which, it’s more cure and less prevention, alas.

Stay stress-free. Use the Ocean Method: can you stop the high tide by stressing, wishing, commanding it to stop? No, you can’t. Well, then, don’t stress over high tide matters, meaning matters beyond your control.

Always wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days.

Learn anger management. When in a rage, let go. Or else, you’ll end up with headaches, heart disease and other ailments brought on by excess of choler.

Keep a pet. A cat or a dog, or even a rabbit, a creature you spend time over works wonders for de-stressing.

You are the best judge of your own body, control what you can. And seek help when things seem to get the better of you.

Laugh out loud often.

Drive carefully.

Have safe sex.

Take your vitamins.

Floss. Those who floss are those who are conscious about keeping fit and healthy.

Make smart changes in your life. Take control of your life, be true to yourself.

Health by numbers

Everyone  needs:

 *60 minutes more of sleep.

 *100 calories less of food.

 *15 laughs a day.

 *1 indulgent food item a week, be it pizza, chocolate puddings or rabri.

 *2.5 cup-sized servings of vegetables and fruit per day.

 *24 abdomen crunches per day.

 *60 minutes of daily sunlight.

 * 2,000 steps more of walking every day.

 *20 seconds at least when washing hands.

This was my Wellness column in THE HINDU of 9 June 2014.

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Sheila Kumar • June 9, 2014

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