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Published on: 06/22/19 6:24 AM

Book review: House of Stars by Keya Ghosh

I read House of Stars by Keya Ghosh (Penguin Metro Reads) on the exuberant recommendation of my teenaged niece and guess what, it was an absorbing read.

This is love in the times of religious fundamentalism and communal intolerance, the nascent passions of two eighteen- year- olds, Diya from Mumbai and Kabir from Kashmir, forming the core of the story.

This is also more than just another love story. There`s a strong pitch for liberal thinking, there`s humour, there is some mystery (just who are Diya and Kabir?), there`s swift-paced action (the story takes off when the youngsters are part of a hostage drama), there are snippets of sweet poetry, and best of all,  all the characters hold immense appeal for the reader. Oh, and MK Gandhi too has a role to play in here.

If the love story in House of Stars is a fast-flowing stream, the nuggets of good, old-fashioned secular sense that pop up through the tale are the pebbles that make up the bed of this stream.

House of StarsKeya Ghoshlove in the times of fundamentalism and intolerancelove storyPenguin Metro Reads

Sheila Kumar • June 22, 2019

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