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Published on: 05/2/17 7:49 AM

Book review: Adi Parva by Amruta Patil

This is more a brief take than review.

Amruta Patil`s marvellous-marvellous-marvellous ADI PARVA is a book I go back to oftentimes. The thought-provoking text and astonishing artwork in this retelling of the Mahabharata meld so seamlessly, so mellifluously, the reader is richly rewarded over and over again.

Here, Indra`s ruby-embellished Indrajaal;



Ganga entering Hastinapur;


The Yamuna weaving through a trellis of fertile fields;


Gandhari and her brood of 101.

Adi ParvaAmruta Patilgraphic novelMahabharata

Sheila Kumar • May 2, 2017

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