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Published on: 03/16/23 12:02 PM

Photo Feature: The glorious temples of Angkor Wat

All photos by Sheila Kumar and subject to copyright.


Pre-dawn at Angkor Wat.

The first flush of dawn at Angkor Wat.

And then, the sun rises, slowly, magnificently.

The eight-armed Vishnu/Ta Reach statue at Angkor Wat.

The Buddha, at Angkor Wat.

Krishna lifting up Govardhana, Angkor Wat.

A lovely line-up of apsaras. Angkor Wat.

Arjuna waging war, Angkor Wat.

The south gate, Angkor Thom.

A closer look at one of the Avalokiteshwara heads, at Bayon temple. 

A charming way to let tourists enter.

The Cambodian version of a yali?

Elephants on the periphery of the Angkor Thom complex.

A reclining Buddha at the rear of the Baphuon temple.

Nature reclaims her own at Ta Prohm.

A magnificent frieze of a warrior goddess (Durga?) at the Prasat Kravan.

A holy cow (Nandi?) at Prea Ko.

The Neak Pean Temple sits surrounded by water.


On the wall of the Preah Ko temple.

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Sheila Kumar • March 16, 2023

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