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Published on: 02/11/20 6:04 AM

Photo Feature: My session at the Times Lit Fest, Bangalore, Feb 2020

So, it was mighty fun, the session on Sex, Marriage & Morality at the Times Lit Fest. Despite the fact that I had to live down the descriptor `renowned` which the PR people handling the fest chose for me. Which was rather like saying `SK-world-famous- in- east-Bangalore!`

We managed to draw a full house, an interested and engaged audience which had as many Baby Boomers as Millennials and Gen Xers. Despite the humungously popular Varun Grover having a same-time session, and Bollywood star Richa Chadda releasing Piyush Jha`s book, again in the same time slot.

The questions we got were on point and the house was literally brought down by this venerable gentleman who related a sweet anecdote to underline that Time settles all questions of Sex, Marriage and Morality! (Just had to use caps!!)

Here are some snapshots….


With the sparkling Sadiqa Peerbhoy and one of my co-panelists, Shuma Raha. The session was moderated by Sadiqa Peerbhoy, and Shuma Raha, Naseha Sameen and I participated.



All of us together, pondering the weighty issue of morality. 🙂



Four authors with their respective books which tackle sex, marriage and morality in different ways.


Wherein I make a case that morality per se is not a real issue with the young adult of today.






Mugging for the the camera before the discussion.



Ran into ye olde friend and author of `In Search of Heer,` Manjul Bajaj, in the Speaker`s Lounge.



With former TOI colleague and man- who- pushed- me -into- writing books, Jayant Kodkani.



An interestingly diverse set of names showed up here.



Me and my book.


And here are three short clips of What I Said…..





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Sheila Kumar • February 11, 2020

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